Your Guide to Finding and Staying at Pet Friendly Hotels

Many people who own pets often wish they could take their beloved dog or cat away with them on holiday. For pet owners, their pet is truly a part of their family and it feels awful leaving him behind in kennels or a cattery. They are always left with a guilty feeling. But what if you could take them with you? There are pet friendly hotels which allow you to do just this.

Leaving a pet behind when you go on holiday can be like leaving a son or daughter behind for some people. Most of us do not feel like this, but for some pet owners, it can be a real sense of betrayal. This constant nagging feeling of guilt or worry about how the kennels are treating him does not exactly make for a pleasant and relaxing holiday, does it? So what better plan than to take him along too?

Pet friendly hotels can be found in many areas that you may wish to visit. They are often run by pet owners themselves, and your pooch will find lots of other companions their when you visit. The best advice is to do your homework. Make sure you ring the place well in advance of your stay so that you can find out if they will accept you and your pet on that particular day.

It may be that they only have a few rooms in their hotel specifically for pets and because these may be rare, they may get booked up more quickly than usual. Never just turn up with your pet and expect the hotel to accommodate you without notice.

Another very good tip is to ask friends for advice and recommendations about good pet friendly hotels in the area you wish to visit. Nothing beats firsthand experience, and they may be able to give you traveling tips and other helpful advice too.

In general, book early and phone ahead. That way, you will be less likely to be disappointed. Make sure you tell the hotel owner exactly what type of pet you have. They may wish to see evidence of vaccinations or other documents. Do not be offended by this, they have to act within the law and are going out of their way to house you and your pet after all.

There may possibly be a premium on keeping your pet with you. But this will be less than housing them in a kennels or cattery, and will also be less than if you were two people sharing a room. After everything is organized, you and your beloved pet can enjoy your adventure together.