Why Warwick Castle Is The Most Perfect English Castle

Tracing its history in 1068, the famous Warwick castle boasts of more than 2000 years of a turbulent but still a glorious history. Nowadays, this British castle attracts many dozens of enthusiast visitors and tourists who come to explore the marvellous towers, dungeons and the amazing living quarters that were set up during the era of Anglo-Saxon Kingdom created by Danish invaders in the area. There are so many things that justifies that this is not just the most famous castle in the British world but a world number one castle. On your visit here, whether you decide to visit the formal Warwick castle gardens or infamous Roe Gardens, your choices are simply unlimited.

Getting to Warwick castle is very easy especially through M40. It is along this route that you will experience the best hotels in Warwick. For instance, less than a 20 minutes drive from Birmingham international airport is the modern and classic Hilton Warwick Hotel. You can get internationally rated accommodation services not forgetting that the hotel has a high speed and reliable internet connection as well as in room flat screen TVs. For a family travel, you can utilize interconnecting rooms or family twin bed available at the hotel. Express By Holiday Inn is also a notable gem in Warwick castle where the highly affordable room rates are include a continental and mouthwatering breakfast. Rooms are bright, clean and excellent for a memorable stay.

Warwick castle building is a must see if you are planning a holiday vacation to this great city of Warwick. Being the most famous building in the city, you can rest assured that the building has a lot of history to learn from owing to the fact that it has been on that same site since 1068. Simple arithmetic will tell you that it boasts of more than 1000 years old. However, Warwick city in its own right is even older and can be dated as early as 914 AD. Since its inception on the site, Warwick city is rated as one of the notable tourist attraction sites in UK. Thousands of tourists plan a visit to this castle all year long from different parts of the world and there is no doubt that is the most magnificent building of its kind in the area.

If you are brave enough, why don’t you fire a trebuchet while at the castle? If you are wondering what this trebuchet is all about, its simply a type of a catapult which is capable of sending stone balls with more than 30 pounds over impressive distances. This castle will give you a life time experience even for your children who will never get tired of the castle.

Better still, this place is also a hub of several amusement rides that your children or even you can enjoy. You can also decide to take advantage of the paranormal events that are regularly held at the castle. Amazingly, don’t get scared if you happen to face to face with a ghost during your Warwick castle visit.