Why Visiting Chester Is Not An Option But A Must

The Northwest cultural hot spot of Chester is a place you must visit if you have never been here. You need to book your train ticket right now and get to enjoy what you are missing. Well, perhaps you need to get convinced why Chester is not only worthy your money but also your precious time as well. Chester is a great place that you seriously need to pay a visit especially if you don’t want to hear some of these things being narrated by your friends.

To start with, Chester races are a complete reason why visiting Chester is not an option. For people who have never had the golden opportunity of watching a momentous horse racing event, this is the place to see your first event. Here, you will surely not wish for more as getting to see what Chester Racecourse has to offer is enough to make you an informed horse racing enthusiast. Each year has a number of meets especially in the autumn festival and May festival meaning that you will always find some racing when you travel. With this being said why don’t you get a little kind and host your friends to the events this weekend?

Chester Zoo, simply known as a home of exotic and rare species collected from all over the world is a must visit as well. Regardless of your young or old age, seeing a herd of elephants, lions, tigers and the amazing rhino ‘crashes’ not forgetting the various monkey species is the best way to spend a weekend. Enough with the seeing and lets get to Chester tours. Dating more than 2000 years, Chester is home to the historic hunter Ghosthunter and the eerie trails are things you can’t miss. Here, get to enjoy all kinds of tours you might think about and also get to learn a lot of things from some of the oldest and interesting buildings in the area. Also, make sure you don’t miss the famous Roman Soldier Patrol.

If you that you have seen enough, it’s not until you visit the famous Miniature Railway at Grosvenor Park. This is not only a perfect place for grown ups but the various attractions will also make your children involved as well. at the railway, you will see wooden bridge as well as a couple of old trains that are diesel hauled and enjoy to see them loop a short ¼ mile circuit. You will surely love it. Chester market hall is a must visit as well and its here where the 100 stalls will simply highlight your visit. The stalls have all types of produces you can think about ranging from cooked meet to cheeses and confectionery. In addition, you can buy some greeting cards, footwear and everything you can find undercover.

All this are just some of the few reasons why visiting Chester is not more of an option but a must for you to experience the only good things in life. You definitely don’t need to be convinced further to make Chester top on your must travel destinations because it surely should be.