Visiting St Lucia

For nature lovers, there is not a better place in the world than St Lucia. Not only is the island voted as the leading honeymoon destination of the world but it is also the best place to visit for a great family vacation. Adorned with some of the most precious beauties of nature, the tropical island of St Lucia is the perfect place for a vacation of a lifetime.

St Lucia is an island destination which has so much to offer that a single visit to the place seems inadequate and you want to keep coming back. For years, the island has been the perfect place for honeymooners and families as it provides a great vacation. The island is also the preferred choice of location for wedding planners who want to have an exquisite wedding amidst the majestic Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage site or the ocean and the golden sand as the backdrop. Some couples also choose the popular caved resorts of St Lucia which provide a stunning view of the lush green surroundings.

As a place for family vacation, St Lucia has so much to offer. There are pirate hideouts, where you can play hide and seek or play tug of war at the spot where the nomadic Indians hunted. There are some exquisite resorts that provide accommodation and recreation facilities that would bring out the child in you.

For those tourists who love adventure and are not afraid of delving into adventure, have the perfect place in St Lucia. You can plan a hiking trip to the Pitons, windsurf in the Caribbean Sea or take up other adventure activities as per your liking. St Lucia has so much to offer to everyone.

Besides the several places of tourist interest, St Lucia is also a wonderful destination to witness the carnival parades. You can plan your trip in October which is the time of the Jounen Kweyol Festival. You can taste some of the most sumptuous and exotic local dishes during this festival. November has the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers while there are other events all the year round.