Visiting Japanese Temples and other sacred places of Japan

Japan is very famous for its mysterious and beautiful temples that catch attention of the whole world. Visiting Japanese Temples could be very interesting as you will find numerous attractions to explore the diverse culture and rites of the country. Meiji Shrine of Tokyo is one the sacred temples of the country, which are considered highly consecrated in Japanese religion. The Shinto Temple attracts numerous visitors from the country as well as the entire world. This temple is being noted for the elegant building that is designed in a harmoniously way. The shrine commemorates the divine spirits of Empress Shoken and Emperor Meiji. The consort of Emperor Meiji has considered to be deified. The adjoining temple compound and Yoyogi Park provide a huge green area in the middle of the most crowded cities of the world. This temple is a great place so every year thousands of visitors visit it during the season. The ground of the shrine offers beautiful venue for walking trails that are leisurely stroll with scenic beauty.
Another temple called Hatsumode is another temple where Japanese come to worship their gods once in a year. This is a sacred part of Japanese culture where people worship together in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day of New Year. Usually, people make wishes for their prosperous New Year as they have much respect for this place. Amulets or charms are brought by the people in the temple and there are particular spots where holy stuff is sold. The old amulets are burned by the people right in the temple before they buy new ones to start off their new journey of the year. One has to go through very long lines at the major shrines located throughout the country. The local people have numerous positive beliefs with these shrines of the city, which makes Visiting Japanese Temples as a very good work. You will find numerous other sacred places or temples in the country. A number of these temples are very famous around the world.