Travel To The Holy City Jerusalem

Jerusalem, the holy city captivates the attention of travelers across the world and many people keep visiting this place for several different reasons. Both Christians and Jews consider this place as their spiritual and physical centre of faith and for the Muslims, Jerusalem is a sacred and divine destination with many holiest attractions to visit. On the other hand, travelers find this place interesting as it is a land with significant historical attractions. The Walled Old City has highly influenced the spiritual life of people since 3000 years and it has created contravenes, struggles since the 1st stone was placed.

Being the oldest city in the world and also the capital of Israel, one can spend a sacred holiday at Jerusalem. It is situated between the Mediterranean and North end of Dead Sea in the Judean Mountains. Climatic condition here is differentiated by Mediterranean Climate while summer remains dry and hot and winter remains mild and wet. For Christians, Jerusalem is the most important place as Jesus Christ survived there and crucified at last. Via Dolorosa also called as “Way of Sorrows” is one of the important sites you need to visit while traveling to Jerusalem. This is the place, where the last way of Jesus Christ life resulted with a crucified end.

Jerusalem travel can be differentiated into 3 extensive forms and they are: Jerusalem Jewish Tours, Jerusalem Christian Tour and finally Jerusalem Islamic Tours. This holy land serves as a magnificent destination of the medieval age Crusades. People who are incisive and willing to know the ancient history will definitely find Jerusalem as an excellent destination to travel. Being one city, it serves as the holy land to 3 different followers namely the Islam, Christians and as well as the Jews.

The Wailing Wall and also the Temple Mount are the promising attractions which the Jews usually love to visit. Even the Muslim’s consider Temple Mount as the holy place and never miss to visit Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque. Islamic and the Christians consider The Chapel of the Ascension as a holy place to visit. Besides this, the Tomb of Virgin Mary, the Last Supper Room and the Holy Sepulcher Church are considered as the must visit sites for the Christians.

There are even many people who visit Jerusalem as a non-religious trip. People belonging to such category will also have a list of places to visit. The Masada otherwise called as Dead Sea tours is located atop of the rocky plateau at the Judean desert. People all over the world visit this place, as it serves as the venue of the 1st Jewish revolution of the Romanian Empire. Masada is an excellent place to visit, as it is noted for its panoramic purview of the Dead Sea. People visiting Jerusalem will get a chance to enjoy and visit the old and new city of Jerusalem. With different attractions to watch, with different religious landmarks to visit, Jerusalem is a worth deserving destination to visit.