Touring Greece For More Appreciation

Greece offers so much to do for any tourist visiting this historical and beautiful country. Greece has everything from the spectacular countryside, the gorgeous beaches, incredible weather, and the historic cities and culture. Some things to consider when visiting Greece are visiting the historical sites, being a part of the Film festival of Thessaloniki and the Hellenic festival, and taking a tour of their famous islands.
Taking a grand tour of Athens is a must when visiting Greece. Attractions like the parliament building at the Syntagma Square and The Acropolis are just two of many famous ones. Athens also has 2 world class museums, the Benaki and the National Archeological Museum, which are both worth visiting since they will give every tourist a better understanding of what makes all the attractions so special. It’s at these museums that anyone can really start to appreciate the history behind every structure and why Greece is so magnificent. Another interesting place to visit in Greece is the Kallimarmaron stadium, where the Panathenaic games in the prehistoric times were held.
The two festivals, the Hellenic and the Thessaloniki International festivals, are definitely festivals you would want to be a part of because it is an experience you will never forget. All the performances, both dance and musical are unlike anything you will ever see first-hand and are held at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, which is a stone theatre structure built back in 161 A.D. by Herodes Atticus. Some of the musical and dance performances are also held in the Theater of Epidaurus, which is marveled for its impressive acoustics without any form of amplification for any word spoken from center stage. In the Thessaloniki festival all the actors, directors, and film makers get together to celebrate new and rising films from around the world.