Things You Must Do When In Cuba

Cuba has lot of things to offer for its visitors. Let’s see some of the best things you can do in Cuba.
Eat at Decameron: it is one of the famous restaurants of Cuba that follows Italian culture. Depending on the taste you can find your food menu. Even though it looks ugly from outside, prettier from inside. Divine calabaza soup, steak au poivre, pizza and lasagna Bolognese are some of the specialties of this restaurant. Apart from food you can also have tasty wine all the time.
Take a trip to Paladar La Guarida: On top of spectacular Havana tenement you can find this filmy building. You can always find some filmy shootings going on here. To stay in this spectacular building you need to book at least one day before the schedule.
Skydive at Centro Internacional de Paracaidismo: if you are looking forward for some adventure activities in Cuba the Centro Internacional de Paracaidismo is the best place available for you. It is famous for skydiving. It is very near to the old airport of Cuba. You can enjoy jumping at a height of 3000 meters with the help of instructor using a well equipped parachute. You can experience free fall for about 35 seconds before parachute opens.
Club Habana: it is a marvelous mansion established in 1950’s. It gained the popularity when its authorities denied permission for then the Cuban president Batista for dinner. Now it is established as a trendy hangout for diplomats and foreign correspondents. It has got its own beach and other amenities to satisfy the visitors.
Visit Real Fabrica-de Tabacos Partagas: it is one of the oldest cigar factories of Cuba. It was named after its founder Spaniard Jaime Partagas in 1845. By visiting this factory once you can learn the entire process of cigarette manufacturing at free of cost. You can find lot of people visiting this factory always.
Tour Parque Almendares: sometimes it is also refereed as lungs of Habana city, Cuba. It is a famous oasis with negative air-ions and greenery. This park was undergone major reconstruction in 2003 with an implementation of river side benches and profusely grown plants. It also has a miniature golf course and children’s playground.
Taste chocolates at Museo del Chocolate: often people say it is the museum of chocolates. Here you will be served with hot chocolates prepared on spot. You can taste the delicious chocolates on the sets of marble tables. Surprisingly you can find chocolate of your choice irrespective of whether it is smooth, rich, hot, cold, dark and white.
Cubature, the ritual passage of Cuba: this ritual passage is about 8km long and offers stupendous view of birdlife. You can tour cubature almost everyday at a cost of CUC $18/person. Maximum two people are allowed at a time. The fee also covers transport, guide, admission and a sandwich. This passage is hot and muddy. It is also home to some of the rare animals like polymitas, zunzun and tocororo.