Things to do in Nice, France

Here is the list of popular things you can do in Nice, France.
Taste the new and old mix of art: Nice, France is always known for its fine arts on contemporary side. Pop art, new realism and nice school are some of the permanent collections you can find here. Galerie Jean Renoir is the upcoming local talent of Nice. At Musee Matisse you can find large collections of engravings, drawings and artist’s paintings.
Take a private beach tour: Nice beaches might look pebbly but you can find all necessary services out there. The hotels you select offer all kinds of amenities like hessian carpets, lockers, life jackets for swimmers, dining at water edge, all kinds of water sports and waiter service.
Experience corking night out: like Paris, Nice is not too far behind in the production of wines with less amounts of sulphites and chemicals. At La-Part-des Anges you can find different collections of wines produced in different countries. La-Cave-de I’Origine is the other stylish bar meant for youngsters. Cave de la Tour, Resto Wine Notes are some of the other notable wine shops you can find there.
Taste the creamy chocolate: Nice is known for its tasty and creamy chocolates. You can find lot of shops who offer great quality chocolates for visitors.
Dance with French grooves: the atmosphere at Nice is always like dancing. At many places you can find traditional French music playing all the time. Odace is one such place where you can also get the services of restaurant and bar along with dance floor. Guest, another famous music spot attracts hundreds of visitors with its upbeat housey soundtrack.
Take a trip to religious and holy places: Nice has got whole lot of religious and holy places. Cathedral Saint Nicolas, a famous church is known for Russian Orthodox architecture. Chapelle-de-la Misericorde is one of the finest baroque religious architectures.
Slice up with socca: socca, one of the famous French cuisines is prepared in Nice only. Chez Pipo, the local socca specialist is available all the day and night to serve this special dish. Chez Rene Socca, Nissa Socca and Lou Pilha Leva are some of the other places to taste socca. These restaurants also serve plenty of bonhomie and wine.
Visit Cours Saleya Markets: it is split between famous food market and beautiful flower market. The different varieties of French food and flowers are the main attraction here.
Tour Parc du Chateau, a hilltop park: to enjoy the real beauty of Nice you are recommended to visit this hilltop park at least once. The history reports confirm that this park was built in 12th century.
Take a trip to Musee Massena: this famous museum is resided in an Italianate neoclassical villa. The museum mostly depicts the history of Rivera and Nice city. The history is explained with the help of paintings, early photographs, deco posters and mixture of objects. The ground floor of this museum is still used for official purposes.