Things to do in Munich

Every year, hundreds of tourists from all over the world go to Munich to enjoy the most attractive places in area. There are a lot of activities that you can do in Munich. From youngsters to aged people, from local to foreigners, the Munich offers bundles of entertainment with different tastes. No matter, whether you come in Munich in October to enjoy the traditional festivals of city, called Oktoberfest or any other time, you will find much more to celebrate here.
The Branhorst Museum is inaugurated in 2009 and is the latest building added to the art triangle of the Munich city. It contains the Pinakothek der Moderne, the Neue Pinakothek and the Alte Pinakothek. It includes the history of not only from the ancient Greeks art but also from the early modernism. It has a unique architecture that is worth seeing so you must visit the Brandhorst Museum and see the collection of its beautiful art.
The Englischer Garten is quite famous due to its natural beauty. It is the largest and green area located in Munich city. It is even larger than the Central Park of New York. You can do a lot of things from the simple roaming in different places to the romantic row in boats at lake.
Once you reached at the Blomberg Mountain, you can enjoy by sliding down the mountain on a travelling vehicle (sledge). You can go for this entertainment even in summer season. You can control the riding speed but make sure that you are not moving too fast. Also don’t move too slowly that the person coming behind you could strike with you.
If you are animal lover, then you must go for the Munich Zoo in Thalkirchen. You may observe lions, cheetahs, penguins and may other animals from different types. You can get a long tour, meet with different animals or feed you favorite animals in Munich Zoo. Moreover, you can also celebrate your birthday party in Jungle Tent or Elephant house.
Most of the people are unaware of the fact that Munich’s Olympic Park is the place where in the year 1972, Olympics were held. Now days, this place is used for multiple purposes such as for conducting big concerts, football matches, cycling, dining, athletics and for various other purposes. Buildings of Munich city are unique in their own sense, because of their roofs, which more or less look like tops of the tents. Near to this park is the well known BMW Museum, this place is known because of its look, it exactly looks like a four cylinder engine.