Things To Do In Meknes: What You Must Not Miss

Meknes City is situated in northern Morocco, just 130 kms from Rabat, the capital of morocco. It’s in this city that you will find Miknasa, descendants of the Berber tribe that occupied Meknes more than 10 centuries ago, consequently transforming the city into a hot tourist destination. Travelers to Meknes have numerous things to do starting with a visit to the wonderful Dar Jamai museum. Despite its age, this palace still retains its original features and the hospitable Meknes residents have consequently restored the museum where needed. Everything in this palace, now transformed to a museum is amazing starting with its great stonework and tiles and various exhibitions showcasing jewelry, clothes and other artifacts are available. it is simply worthy a visit.
On your travel to Meknes City, Moulay Ismail Mausoleum should definitely top your list of must see in the city as well as Volubilis archeological site. This ancient archeological site is actually the best preserved and maintained morocco archeological sites. The history of this site dates back in 3rd century and will definitely boost your history. Bou Inania Medersa historical site is another must visit site on your trip to Meknes. With such a cheap entrance for a great historical site as this, this is definitely one of the main reasons why you will always make Meknes City a travel priority.
At the heart of this imperial morocco city is Bab Mansour. Here, you will enjoy the occasional exhibitions that are set up in this highly impressive building. The façade of this site is not just beautiful but ornate as well and the intricate tiles will definitely grab your attention. Exhibitions vary and will be presented on various themes such as on morocco kings. You can take all the photos you need as you marvel about the outside architecture.