Things to do in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is always known for its beautiful beaches, tasty food and rich culture. It is the best place to view the tropical living. People say that ‘God lives in Himalayas and Vacates in Bali’. For people who are traveling from US there is no flight which will directly take them to the Bali instead they have to travel via Hong Kong or Singapore. Let’s see some of the specialties of Bali or what you can do in Bali as a visitor.
Travel around Ubud: no trip is complete without staying in Ubud. Ubud is artistic village of Bali. Starting from monkey forest you can travel all the way to Goa Gajah. Greenfields, Tepi Sawah and Tegai Sari are some of the guest houses of Ubud. Early booking leads to great discount.
Surf in Kuta: if Ubud is heart of Bali, rest stays in Kuta. Expat bars, night clubs, bikini beaches and hip travel cognoscenti are some of the specialties of Kuta, Bali. The Kuta beach is situated very near to the airport. Rip Curl School and Odyssey are some of the known surfing schools you can find here.
Enjoy sunset near Tanah Lot: if you travel around the southwest coast of Bali you will get a chance to see a great sunset near Tanah Lot. In addition Tanah has lot of romantic, unlikely, stunning and magical things to offer you. Catching sunset near temple is surreal and beautiful.
Tune into Kecak Dance: Kecak is a famous Balinese performance started in 1930’s. This dance involves only vocal chords and no instruments are used. This dance mostly resembles that of Ramayana. The dance show starts at 6:00 pm daily near Ulu Watu temple. Take a trip to Ulu Watu and enjoy the dance show.
Visit Menjangan Island: Menjangan Island is the farthest place from Bali but its worth visiting this island. Since it is too far away from Bali (3 hrs journey) rarely you can see large crowd coming here. This island is home to some of the strange fishes and bright reefs. You can also find accommodation to stay for a night.
Trip to Bratan Lake: with transportation rates coming down in Indonesia, the same reflects at Bali also. This is welcome news for majority of tourists. Just for $50 you can hire a taxi for entire day. Lake Bratan is home to unbelievable photogenic temple known as Pura Ulun Bratan.
Climbing Mount Batur: this volcanic mountain is surrounded by lake and a gorgeous clamber spot. Morning is the perfect time to climb. Around 6am in the morning you will get a chance to view clear sun rise at its summit. It is also considered as one of the active volcanos of Indonesia.
Eat Babi Guling in Ubud: Suckling pig or Babi Guling is one of the main stream courses of Bali. You can find many roadside shops offering this special dish at an affordable price but eating at Ibu Oka is something special.