The Ultimate Adventure, Alaska

When Alaska comes to mind, we instinctively think of boundless lands and colossal snow-covered mountainous peaks. Through the centuries the landscapes of Alaska have been carved by the elements into one of the most spectacular views anywhere on the planet. As explorers delve into mass hikes and camping trips, visitors are always passing into the isolated locations.

Untouched Land

As much of the barren lands are rarely visited by tourists, the wildlife residing in Alaska is barely intervened with, providing thriving breeding grounds and calm atmospheres away from huntsman and road traffic. Though as these conditions are great for wildlife, it makes them very unforgiving for the explorers that dare to try venture out into the unknown, as travellers before have been killed, by the dominating predators. Trying to enter desolate places with no one to help them within miles around is very dangerous to the most highly trained survivalist, giving slight injuries a higher chance to become fatal. If your travelling with family, you would be recommended to stick to lands within reach of locals or other travellers.

Staying The Night

There are little known destinations to stay out in the wild in Alaska, though for the accommodation that is available, it is surely worth it. There are a few scattered log cabins out in the woods, giving the more adventurous tourists the opportunity to experience the night sky in all its glory. With no light pollution the sky at night, shines bright with billions of stars and the moon reflecting from the mountain ascents. Of course Alaska is famous for having the open dark skies, which brings with it , one of the most amazing sights known to man, the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The aurora only appears on random nights, you can never be certain to catch a glimpse of the wonder, though for the lucky few who do, it will prove to be the vacation of a lifetime.

As attractions go, there are not many places you want to be planning to visit, but the vacation will be based on activities you should be planning to do. As a vacation for yourself or the family, Alaska is definitely worth every moment, from travelling by chartered plane to riding snow mobiles, you will have lots to do and explore, though be sure to wrap up warm!