The Perfect Romantic Vacation, Tuscany

One of the most romantic travel destinations, has to be Tuscany. As the lush green pastures and vineyards elegantly flow through the countryside, there’s a real sense of tranquillity throughout the region. The capital city is Florence, world renowned for having some of the greatest historical sites anywhere on the planet. The buildings were constructed with immense architectural genius, with red rooftops and intricate designs, each building was built with great care and emotion. Architecture does not only attract the masses of tourists, but also the cuisine is incomparable elsewhere, with some of the most exquisite wine around, which counts for a huge number of Tuscany’s exports, including the most extravagant restaurants and hotels.

Art Work

For sure Tuscany has played its part in recognising and creating some of the best art works to ever be seen. As said to have the largest presence of Renaissance art and architecture in the world, Tuscany played a vital role in shaping civilization in modern Europe. Holding pieces of the most inspiring art are 4 of the main churches, the Siena Church, Pisa Church, Florence Cathedral and the Collegiata di San Gimignano, which are among the more aesthetically artistic places of worship, even among those built-in the modern era. If you’re an artist, no matter where you turn in Tuscany you will always be motivated to paint the scenes around you. Inspiring the greatest artists in the world, there is something special about the way the sunlight illuminates the bright green hills and the aged villas.


The Vineyards stretch far and wide and locals pride themselves on the quality of grape which is grown along the hillsides. As part of your holiday, you could join the many tourists which like to embark on a wine tasting tour, visiting the superb wine companies who allow you try the wine fresh from the vine. As well as wine, he olive oil is world class, helping to push the local restaurants and hotels to the peaks of food supremacy, with home-made dishes the tourists are constantly seeking new places to eat out and enjoy the atmosphere.

As a holiday destination, Tuscany surely ranks as one of the top locations, giving travellers from all over the world the chance to experience historic monuments with some of the finest elements of the modern world. If you have not considered your summer vacation, you should make sure to visit the region.