The Magnetic Popularity Of Barcelona

Above most popular than Rome, Amsterdam, and Paris combined the city in Europe that people seem to flock more often to is Barcelona. Located on the Mediterranean coast and being Europe’s largest metropolitan city, there are many reasons why Barcelona is as popular as it is including its architecture, affordability, regional location, and its love for sports.
Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and next to Madrid, is the second largest city of Spain. As the capital of the autonomous region, Barcelona is mainly where the Catalan government resides which include the executive branch, parliament, and the supreme court of Catalonia. The historical city center of Barcelona includes a variety of narrowing roads, cathedrals, medieval buildings and the famous modernistic architecture of Joseph Puig, Luis Domenech and of course Antoni Gaudi, whose best known work started in 1882, the unfinished church of the Sagrada Familia is still under-going construction and being financed through private donations and is said to be completed in 2026.
The fact that Barcelona’s prices are a lot less expensive seems to appeal more to more tourists. These lower costs are evident in the accommodations, and the places to dine out which means your budget suffers less on a vacation to Barcelona.
Another reason why Barcelona is so popular is because of the huge sports community that dwells in that region. Barcelona’s first football team known as Barca or better known as FC Barcelona is known all over the world. They are the current Spanish and European football champions and have won the top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system, La Liga, 21 times. FC Barcelona is the second richest football club with an annual revenue of 398 million Euros and has a long-standing and famous rivalry that has been named “El Clasico” with Real Madrid.