The Historical Intrigue Of London

It does not matter how much you think you know or do not know about history, visiting London will get you intrigued and mystified by its pure historical roots. From the city’s first founding moments to its dark medieval times anyone who visits cannot help but be beyond impressed.
For those interested in violent women of history you will find a statue nearby Parliament honoring the once British queen named Boadicea. Boadicea at the time raised an army to fight back the Romans and destroyed the entire city. Extremely life-like wax museums like the Madame Tussauds founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud and the London Dungeon, where all the real macabre and gory terrors of medieval times come to life in a grimly, comedic style are just a few places where you can enjoy history as it once used to be in London.
Another place worth your visit is the famous Tower of London. This not only is the place where the precious crown jewels are locked up but where the beginning of many tales of mysterious prisons begin. If you have in interest in archeology, The British Museum has one of the most fascinating collections worldwide which include the Rosetta Stone, which was the key to decoding hieroglyphics and of course the Lindow Man. The National Portrait Gallery, for you art connoisseurs, has a wide collection of photographs, paintings, as well as sculptures of the most famous people in Britain’s history. Unlike most art galleries, the National Portrait Gallery selects its portraits not on the basis of the actual artist but more on the significance of who the art portrays. The best known image the gallery has in its possession and one of its first acquired pieces is the Chandos portrait which is the most famous portrait of William Shakespeare.