The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Offers Best Nature Views

If you’re looking for a hotel with spectacular views then you have to plan on one day staying at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise located on the eastern shore of Lake Louise near Banff, Alberta Canada. Being the home of The Rockies, you will have an up-close and personal glance of the Rocky Mountains and have the ultimate experience of nature’s beauty. The chateau faces the stunning glacier lake of Lake Louise surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful wilderness.
The Fairmont Chateau is a fully year-round resort offering a range of outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, skating, horseback riding and much more. The hotel accommodates 487 rooms as well as several luxury amenities. On both the lakeside and on the mountainside of the chateau, the premium rooms called the Belvedere suites have a spiral staircase and 2 bathrooms as well as an open balcony for an incredible view of the landscape. On the first floor of the Belvedere suites there is an entire living room sitting area while the second floor has a king-sized bed with master bath.
Since the Fairmont Chateau sits on a National Park, there is no other building in sight, which means you will be able to really enjoy a nature-filled vacation. The chateau offers literally everything you need for your experience to be the best it can be including dining and other amenities. With 6 different restaurants for visitors to choose from, two lounges and 24 hour room service available, civilization will be far from your mind as you’ll be really able to fully absorb all the sights mother nature has to offer. If that’s not enough, the Fairmont Chateau also offers a health spa, health club, pool, whirl-pool, steam rooms and sauna for the types that like to enjoy the views while being pampered.