The Diversity of Morocco

Morocco is widely known as one of the most accommodating countries in the World. The traditions of Morocco, are mostly unique. The diversity of Morocco varies as you move around the country. There are many great places to visit as a tourist, which in a short trip, it’s impossible to see everything Morocco has to offer. One of the biggest tourist destinations of the country, is Djemaa el Fna, located in Marrakesh it thrives with crowds of tourists and residents taking advantage of the market stalls and food merchants, along with entertainers such as Magicians and Story Tellers and many more. Marrakesh is at the heart of Morocco’s culture, bustling with old buildings as well as stunning modern architecture. There are many relaxing towns in Morocco, away from the extensive crowds of the cities. Towns such as Tangier and Asilah are famous for their beaches, with golden sands and tranquil coastal houses. Towards the north of Morocco, you will find a great city called Ifrane (also known as little Switzerland). The town is renowned for its cooler climate conditions and snow in the winter season. The town is considered to have many attributes of a European style town. Towns like Ifrane really show the diversity of the country, and offer a range of places to stay. If you prefer to save your money when abroad and like to camp out in the wilderness, the forests of Ifrane will surely accommodate you and your friends. The further south you go, you will eventually reach the Sahara Desert, famous for its natural beauty and heat, though the positioning earns it the title as the most excellent place in the World to see the inspiring sunrise. If you like to go shopping on holiday, then surely the Morocco Mall is the place for you. Situated in Casablanca, the Mall offers a great shopping experience, including some of the top fashion brands of the World. As well as shopping , why not enjoy the many restaurants the Mall has to offer, along with the IMAX 3D cinema and the enormous Aquarium. The Mall really demonstrates the fantastic contrast between the historic architecture with the modern stature of Morocco.