Taj Mahal The Best Hotel In The World

If you plan on visiting the best hotel in the world then you have to visit the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi. Only about a 40 minutes drive from the airport, The Taj Mahal hotel is in the residential city known as Lutyen’s Delhi. Everything that you will need is near-by the hotel and you can count on having the most incredible stay there, after all it is the city’s landmark which its notable dome-paneled architecture and luxurious marble fountains are a sight to leave you mesmorized.
The Taj Mahal has received a 5 Star Diamond Award and after a stay there you will see how well deserved it is. Premium accommodations including amenities such as mini-bar, satellite tv, wireless internet are just a few offered. Business rooms are a perfect choice for those travelers expecting to do business and include everything that superior rooms offer as well as a fax machine. The soothing ambience and elegance that each room offers is beyond what you can expect. The Taj Mahal even includes another level of suite for the more sophisticated and includes even more comforting amenties as well as a balcony overseeing the amazing landscapes of the Taj Mahal.
The Taj Mahal does not stop there. A more level up the sophistication or comfort of the Taj Mahal they also offer what is referred to as the Taj Club. The Taj club room is on the upper floors of the Taj Mahal and offer even more bonus additions including complimentary wine bottles, breakfast buffet, limousine transport, and even a butler service. These services along with even more meeting and business rooms available are top notch luxury which includes 5 different themed rooms which you can choose from. These 5 rooms are named The Khush Majal, Tanjore, Oriental, Versailles, and the Rajputana.