Taiwan The Sweet Potato Shaped Island

When you think about a cross between eastern and western culture the country that comes to mind is Taiwan. Taiwan is located on the southeast coast of China. It’s a long narrow island extending like the shape of a sweet potato from north to south. Not being able to rely on tourism to boost the economy since it is not a top destination, Taiwan nevertheless has the 16th largest economy in the world. On top of that it has huge trading power, ranking 10th in the world, and is number 3 as holder of the most foreign exchange reserves in the world next to China and Japan.
When it comes to the environment, Taiwan has created the benchmark and leads by example on how to improve it. It has become one of the few developing countries to make it a mission to reduce greenhouse emissions, which started in the year 2000 and plans on stabilizing their current CO2 levels by the year 2020. By this time, Taiwan believes to have enough knowledge and the resources to adopt more efficient and sustainable energy systems to implement throughout the world.
The peace-loving society that the Taiwan people possess is one of great admiration. The Taiwan people pose no threat to anyone and respect each and everyone around them. Despite their neighbor, China that has does not care for human rights, Taiwan is completely democratic based and meets all the requirements for The United Nations membership.
Lying right smack on the tropic of cancer, Taiwan’s climate is mostly tropical. Throughout the beginning of the year from January to early spring, Taiwan experiences a lot of rain in the northern part of the island. During the month of May in the northeast, the island experiences lots of monsoons, but between June and September , Taiwan is mostly humid and hot.