Sydney’s Sea Pools

Sydney is known to house some of the best beaches in the world. This is indeed the reason why the city boasts many sea pools as well. Since the city parts one of its edges with the great Pacific Ocean it certainly is a repository of many wonderful breathtaking beaches. You will find tens of thousands of tourists thronging these beaches to enjoy swimming and other types of water sports. This only shows that snorkeling and scuba diving are regular features in these sea pools.

Children too have a nice time on these beaches much to their delight and contentment. Although there are many surf beaches in Sydney that offer excellent sea pool facilities and surroundings, you can name Balmoral and Parsley Bay as very prominent in the sense that they are the favorites of the tourists so to say. Swimmers would be happy to wear the swimming costume during the act. The Sydney beach pools are characterized by lovely and serene atmosphere about them. Every day you would find high and low tides in Sydney beaches. It is interesting to know that each tide is separated by a time gap of about six hours. It is extremely important to know about the swimming season in Australia. In fact the swimming season in Sydney is between October and March each year. This has to be known in order to enjoy swimming much to your heart’s content. It is said that swimming is one of the most effective aerobic exercises and hence it goes a long way in keeping good health as well.

At the same time make sure to know the depth of each of the Sydney sea pools. This is because of the fact that the incidents of death due to drowning are on the rise in Australia. It is important to know that there are three different kinds of swimming pools in the beaches of Sydney. They are rock pools, tiled pools and meshed pools. Each of these three types of pools has its own pros and cons. It is indeed true that each one of them is preferred by different kinds of people. Rock pools get filled up by the high tides. These pools provide the required thrill for the tourists. At the same time they should make sure to be careful and attentive. Meshed pools are the pools that get filled up by the high tide and it is said to have more water too.