Some Things To Know About Venice Before Visiting

Referred to as the “City Of Water,” Venice consists of more than 100 islands in the Venetian Lagoon. Widely known for its romantic atmosphere, Venice also offers historical architecture, delicious cuisines, and an incredibly unique culture. If you are planning a trip to Venice, it’s a good idea to have some knowledge about the location so your time there can be as memorable as possible.
For transport inside Venice you have several options. To begin with, Venice is connected to the mainland by the Bridge Liberty and you have several options to enter including by train, bus, or through a water vessel depending on how long or where exactly you’re coming from. If for example you plan on just staying in Venice without visiting any other city then flying in would be the best option as the airport is not far from the Venetian Lagoon. If however, you are already in Europe visiting another city and want to drop in Venice then traveling by train would be your best bet.
Despite, the lack of automobiles within the city, you would surprisingly find out how easy it is to get around. Even though walking is the most popular, you will find that traveling through water transport is the most efficient. Water taxis, and public boats are easily attainable with just a ticket which come at discounted prices for those staying longer.
When the best times to go to Venice is also something to keep in mind. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind huge crowds then going during the peak seasons in June through September would be best. However, if you want to have a more genuine experience without tourists running around, then the winter time would be best as you would find your visit there less hectic and calmer with just the locals.