Sleeping Under The Stars

As most of the population live in urban areas, stargazers and astronomers enjoy taking camping trips more than ever, to enjoy the true beauty of the dark sky. There are many destinations which are favoured more than others, though usually people look for the high points, like national parks and countrysides, with mountain tops and hillsides to hike in order to camp, this not only gives a great view of the night sky, but also provides you with an amazing panoramic view of the early morning sunrise, making your camping trip that extra bit special.

Caldera de Taburiente National Park

Masses of barren rocky mountains provide an excellent opportunity for campers to to experience the stars in true glory, with no light pollution for miles around. Close to the highest summit there are world telescopes observing the sky every night, taking full advantage of the ideal atmosphere.


Mauna Kea provides astronomers with a 2,500 mile wide span of light-less sky, giving a clear sight of the stars. Many people attend Hawaii just for the sole purpose of taking a closer look through their expensive equipment, and often you can see keen astronomers travelling in groups. There are also international observatories working through the nights, though in the daytime they do offer tours, giving you the chance to take a closer look at what the depths of the night sky hold.

Travelling with many pieces of equipment can be tricky at night, and adding to the problems could be the humid weather, so its better to prepare through the day to give yourself more time. There many places to camp under the stars, but if you are prepared to travel further distances then it is highly recommended you do your research to find the most attractive place, as if your travelling there through the day, you have time to experience different activities and scenery during their prime times, to gain the greatest enjoyment from your trip.