Singapore offers tourists the experience of a lifetime

Known officially as the Republic of Singapore, Singapore was a British trading colony until World War II when it was occupied by the Japanese. Immediately after the war, the British again gained control of this region comprised of 63 small islands. It began self-governing itself internally in 1959 and combined with other British colonies in the area in 1963 to form Malaysia. Two years after the merger, they spilt to be recognised as an independent state. Ever since that period, Singapore has become increasingly wealthy with skyscrapers spanning all over the city. It has come to be known as one of the four Asian Tigers for the massive amounts of wealth and influence gathered over the years.

Singapore is located in the south-eastern part of Asia and separated from the Malay Peninsula by about 137 kilometres (85 miles). Its neighbouring countries are Malaysia and Indonesia, with the Straits of Johor and the Singapore Strait separating it from the two countries respectively. Much of the country has forests covering the landscape. More land is being added to the map of this small nation through land reclamation.

The people in this city-state love to eat and you will find all kinds of dishes ranging from Indian, Malay, Italian, French etc. in its restaurants. Tourists can get discounts of up to 50% by registering on and downloading their discount coupons.

The Changi airport is a befitting gateway to Singapore and provides the most modern amenities. Free Internet through wireless access is provided at a number of terminals free of cost. Once you get out of the airport there are gamuts of travel options:
Shuttle- These are extremely frequent and you can book them in advance or upon landing. They will be shared, and trips to the hotel will cost about $7.
Subway- The train ride is supremely smooth and costs just $1.90 on which $1 is refundable. You need to change trains once or twice to get around the city.
Bus- they run from 6AM to midnight, and no change is provided. You need to pay exact fares.
Limousines- They are luxurious and will take you anywhere in the city for a rate of $50.
Taxi- This is the easiest way to travel into the city and will cost around $20, in addition to the airport surcharge. Rates from midnight to 6AM will be a little higher.

Places to Visit
Singapore has almost unending number of places to see for such a small place. You can take a trip to Orchard Road where there are countless shopping malls. If you are an art lover, pay a visit to the Riverside which houses the city’s best museums, theatres and statues.
Another dream destination for shoppers would be Bugis and Kampong glam. There are also Chinatown, Little India, Sentosa among other attractions.

Singapore has everything from skyscrapers to a modern subway. Singapore people are used to tourists and are usually well behaved towards them. The city has influences of India, Malay and Indonesian; and clubbed with a tropical climate, it gives you the true taste of Asia. The vibrant life all day and night with lip smacking food makes this island state a prominent place to be.