Porto – A City With Rustic Lure & Attraction

Whenever thinking about to visit Portugal, the first thing which flashes your mind is the luxury star hotels, sun drenched beaches, exquisite beach resorts and many more. If you would have come across information about Porto, then the credit goes to the football team making the country very popular amidst people all over the world. The world-renowned historical centre UNESCO is situated here along with many sites including mercantile warehouses, boulevards, cobbled alleys and townhouses too. The city is constructed by the banks of Douro River estuary and moreover Porto is imbued with hills around. The city will most likely welcome you during the summer, where you can enjoy the chill breeze and cool weather.
You are going to start your visit, then explore your trip at Riberia. Riberia lies across the river and it is considered as the ever best entering point in the old town. Travelers can take a leisure walk in the bohemian city to reach this place. You can find plenty of churches here and there amidst the city and there are small plazas which are available to serve you the Protugal wine and the yummy seafood. Never miss to pay a visit to Mercado do Bolhao which is a market where you can find fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meats.
The Modern Art Museum located at Serralves is a wonderful attraction you should visit. This art museum holds the collection of exclusive arts, where art lovers will find it absolutely great to watch. This museum showcases the modern art and exceptional performances, and the best thing is that, this building itself stands as a wonderful sign of architectural masterpiece. Porto is not just meant for architecture, but as well noted for some great restaurants. When visiting those star hotels in Porto, you can enjoy those fresh fish and meat with utterly delicious taste. Though you get the opportunity to taste a wholesome range of yummy foods, you will not be under fuss of paying huge bills. Dining at Porto is very affordable, where you can enjoy lip-smacking dishes at inexpensive rates.
While visiting to Porto, you could notice many of oldest historic buildings are at complete risk of crumbling down. The Tripes Porto Style also called as Tripe Soup is a very popular culinary in Porto. Also, a kind of popular sandwich variety called Francesinha is loved by people living here. This sandwich is baked with a combination of tasty meet and cheese along with a beer sauce. If you are visiting Porto, then never miss to taste this lip-smacking sandwich food. For an additional jerk, try the Porto wine!
If you are a frequent traveler, you’ll know the best possible ways to find the affordable deals with respect to airfares, sightseeing, boarding and lodging. In case, if you are new to travel then you’ll be little bemused. Consult a travel agency or any travel operator who takes complete charge of making your Porto visit a memorable one! Some travel agencies will offer you perfect accommodation, food and travel arrangement until your return while some of them bear only the airfares and asks additional charges for food and accommodation. Hence clarify with them before you plan your travel with any agency.