Places to visit in Warsaw

The Warszawa is a unique, modern, lightening and cultural city. The city has a lot of historical and most beautiful places to see. The city is also famous due to its huge, tragic and also rich history and tourists love to visit and stay here for weeks and even months. Many interesting places in Warsaw occupy art galleries and beautiful museums. In World War II, more than 85 % is area was damaged but still there are a lot of old palaces and buildings, having a unique importance. After World War II, many of destroyed buildings are rebuilt such as Old Town and Royal Castle. Now let’s talk about the most beautiful places in Warsaw that you should not miss to see.
Most of the historical, monuments and art Galleries that are important to see are present in one route. It is the area of Warszawa that destroyed little in World War II so it is as beautiful as it was before the war. This Warszawa part was safe because there were Germans on quarters. The Royal Route passed in the hands of presidents and kings for centuries that starts from the Castle of Royal and ends at the Wilanow. Before moving to the palace and garden situated in Wilanow and Lazienki, you should move towards the New Town and walk along the ulica Dluga. There are a lot of outdoor cafes located at Rynek Starego Miasta, where you can have ice-cream and coffee. Not only this, you can also go up around the attracting streets of charming Old Town.
Palace of Culture and Science:
It is the tallest building located in Poland and you can see it from anywhere in Warsaw’s capital city. The building was considered the tallest in Europe from 1955 to 1957 and now it is the eighth tallest building in entire Europe. It has very beautiful interior structure that attracts most tourists all over the world. So don’t forget to see the great palace before leaving the Warsaw city.