Places to visit in Philadelphia

Here is the list of traveller recommended places in Philadelphia.
Citizens bank Park: it is a spectacular place where all seats give superb view of phila skyline. If you are travelling with your family then it is the best park to visit. Here you can see the list if independent hall areas, liberty bell and many more attractions. This park also depicts the history of Philadelphia.
Big Bus Company: you can tour the entire city at a mere cost of $27. You can see Philadelphia from top to bottom using a double-decker bus. It is a 90 minute journey coverings major parts of the city like Philadelphia zoo, parkaway, society hall, boathouse row and many more. The 24-hour pass helps you to visit more number of places possible.
National constitution centre: this centre depicts the constitution of US with the help of 100 multimedia exhibits, artifacts, sculpture, film, text and photographs. The displays explain the important events of Philadelphia. If you are interested to know more about Philadelphia then this centre is of great helpful for you. Voting for president and all the activities of president will takes place at this centre only.
The Franklin institute: it’s basically a museum that spread across 300,000 square foots. If you are looking forward to see the scientific and historical artifacts of Philadelphia then this museum acts like a great source of information. You can also learn something about changing technology and basic science principles.
Ride the ducks: Philadelphia can be best explored with the help of a duck. Hire a duck and tour the wonderful places of this city.
Philadelphia zoo: the first zoo of America consists of more than 1600 varieties of animals including both exotic and rare animals. It is spread across 42 acres of land with outstanding historical architecture. Gibbons, gorillas, langurs, lemurs and orangutans are some of the premier animals you can find here. You can also find activity oriented centres that teach the habitats of animals.
Eastern state penitentiary: it is considered as the first true penitentiary in the world. It is designed to show the real punishment for criminals. The cellblocks are spread like a wheel and water is running from all the sides. Its vaulted cells prison the most notorious criminals of America. From outside it is looking like a beautiful building. Using Philadelphia pass you can visit this prison at free of cost.
Fels planetarium: it is a cutting edge planetarium and 1st of its kind. It makes use of digistar and state-of-art projection to show the entire planetary system. Only 340 people can view this show at a time.
Riverlink ferry: if you are looking forward to explore the waterfront of Philadelphia then Riverlink ferry is the best option available for you. It is easy and convenient to enjoy along with family. Using this ship you can travel the entire city in a matter of hours. This boat even offers shipping services at night times thus entertaining visitors twenty-four hours a day. Take a ride in Riverlink ferry at least once and see the difference.