Places to visit in Moscow

Russians, foreigners and tourists all over the world come in crowd to Moscow to see that which places make this city beautiful. The Moscow city is famous due to Underground Railroad system that makes the rapid travel in all areas. It is fast paced and busy city having 11 million people. The major parts of the consciousness of most travelers are its historical and cultural places. Moscow is very large city so it is very difficult to tell that which places are really best from all. So if are not familiar with the taste of Moscow, then you should start from these beautiful places:
The Kremlin in Moscow is really the most beautiful place and also provides the best things to do in Capital City. It is a must see place for visitor around the world and once you visited the Kremlin, you will desire to come here again and again. Inside the area, you can go to the Cathedral Square where people come to worship. On entrance, you will see the Tsar Cannon and tsar Bell which are two great monuments. If you are in Kremlin, please do not forget to visit the Amory Museum, the most beautiful museum with the Imperial stature.
The famous Red Square of Moscow is quite near to the Kremlin where you can see how the guards change on the Eternal Flame. Moreover, you can visit the Tomb of Lenin that is prepared in a sequence and looks very attractive. The Basil’s cathedral is as beautiful from inside as it is from the outside, so explore it if it is open.
The State Tretyakoy Gallery is a perfect choice for tourists who love Russian art from great artists as it has a collection of best art in gallery. You will find Repin, Kandinsky, Vrubel, Chagall and many other Russian artists here. Check any book of famous Russian art and you will see that many major sections are present inside the Tretyakoy Gallery.