Palestine – A Land With Cultural & Historical Tradition

Palestine is a land known for its cultural and historical traditions. This country receives quite a number of visitors across the globe, however the political situation makes the traveling a little complicated one. Visiting to Palestine is a true reward, and the Islam’s pray to visit this destination at least once in their life time. Palestine is a pilgrimage land and it is considered as a “Mecca” for Islam’s. Bethlehem and Hebron most the commonly visited tourists’ spots and the city remain busy throughout the year.

Hebron is the oldest city that has many dwellers residing in the area. Hebron in Arabic stands for the meaning “A Friend Of God”. Hebron is the holistic land for the Christians, Muslims and as well for the Jews. Situated at the South of Jerusalem, Palestine is located at elevation of 1,000 m above the sea level. The winding, narrow streets found at the old town grabs the attention of travelers visiting Palestine. El Haram is the most important shrine of the Hebron and the fortress building raised above the cave of Machpelah are meant for both Arabs and the Jews.
Bethlehem is located at an elevation of 955 m above the sea level and it covers a distance of 10 km towards the south of Jerusalem. This area is probably environed by hills and it extends towards the east till the Judean Desert. The city is known for its picturesque views of ancient landscape, enshrouded with olive trees, historic villages and vineyards. The name of Bethlehem invokes the epitomes of Virgin Maria, Baby Jesus and 3 Magi which gave gifts to baby.
When visiting to Palestine, don’t miss to taste the yummy and delicious Palestinian food. Kebab and Gyros also called as Shawerma is the must to taste food which are prepared with real mouth-watering taste. The meat is marinated and further set into the grill stick. Hence the taste of the kebab will be slightly sour and serves as the perfect dist to spice up your dining on the whole.
Palestine most likely enjoy to playing football and it is considered as the most sought after game of the inhabitants here. During the Turkish rule, some of the traditional sports enjoyed were running, horse racing, track games such as swimming and wrestling. During the British rule, many sports activities were introduced in the schools where the scholars got a chance to engage in different sports activities.
If you are planning your travel to Palestine, you can find some reputable tour operators who take the complete responsibility of your travel to this holy destination. You can compare the travel packages with one travel operator to another, and find out who is ready to offer you the best deals. Make sure the travel agencies are genuine in their price and listings, and also confirm whether they promise you show every significant sightseeing and attractions. Plan your travel some months before, so that you will find sufficient time to search for the best deals available.