One of The Most Famous States, Tennessee

Not only an acclaimed location for cowboy films and country music, if your attentive to a visit to the southerly states of the USA, where else better to travel than Tennessee. Offering some of mother natures purest spectacles, the landscapes here, are surely hard to surpass. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is well worth a visit. Rich in awe inspiring scenic views, this park has so much to give. Mass amounts of wildlife are also drawn to the parks prime environment making it the ultimate paradise for so many diverse habitats, including bears and a wide variety of plant life. For many centuries country music lovers have been going to Tennessee in search of the music scene. There many bars and clubs playing local bands, giving a great cultural feel. Many people still refer to Tennessee as the country music capital of the World. There are many historic museums to visit, showing legitimately aged antiquity from the times of the native Indians, to the unforgettable American civil war. For the music fans worldwide, Memphis is the place to visit, as the birthplace of Elvis Presley, many visitors descend on Graceland. As one of the biggest popular destinations in the USA, its definitely unforgettable. To see one of the few places in the world which changed the history of music forever, you would be inspired to visit the sun studio, where B.B King, Elvis Presley and more, all recorded their music, reaching the hearts of millions worldwide. The National Civil Rights museum is a great day out, reliving the final moments of Dr Martin Luther King, you can attend the balcony where he was assassinated in 1968 during his long civil rights campaign. For beauty you don’t see everyday, Rock City gardens will surely capture your imagination, giving you astonishing views of the surrounding wildlife at the top of Lookout Mountain, boasting 400 species of plants, the gardens will amaze you no doubt.