Old & New, Tallinn

Tallinn has continued to expand on its historic core, blending new modernised architecture with the the ageing structure of the past centuries. As Estonia’s economic stature grows, the country is rapidly improving, representing itself alongside the greatest cities in Europe. The weather in Tallinn is very alternate, as in summer temperatures can reach 30 degrees, although in winter there is common snowfall.

Places To Visit

The Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky is definitely worth time out to visit. As the main Russian Orthodox Church in Estonia, the structure was originally built in 1900, when Estonia was still included in the Russian empire. The Cathedral still attracts worshippers from all over Estonia, and indeed the world, who attend for the traditional Orthodox mass. The Church is famous as one of the best houses of worship in Estonia and still proves a favourite with the thousands of tourists that visit. Designed by a Russian architect, the structure visually stands out, as looking just like the other Russian Orthodox Churches that are built and used in Russia.

To enjoy the true excellence of Tallinn, its vital you take a trip to the viewing platforms Kohtuotsa and Patkuli, which offer you a fantastic sight of the capital city in all it’s glory.

Home of the Estonian government, the Toompea castle remains one of the most highly visited places in the country. As a more well known monument, the Toompea Castle can be traced back to different foreign rulers, retaining modern significance to foreign tourists.