Museums and Zoos in Brisbane

There are many museums and zoos in Brisbane. These museums add to the glory of the great city of Brisbane. It is said that historians and lovers of art throng the museums of Brisbane in large numbers. Children love to visit the zoos in the city for they house rare species of wild life much to their contentment and joy.

You would love to explore animal world at the famous Koala Sanctuary. Children would love to have their photographs taken with cuddly koalas. Tourists throng this sanctuary to have an encounter with emu. It is interesting to know that tourists are allowed to feed kangaroos with their own hands. Of course they have to bear their own expense. The best Brisbane travel website would throw enormous light on the places of tourist interest in the city of Brisbane especially with special reference to the zoos in the city.

The Australia Zoo is another spectacular zoo in the city of Brisbane. It is indeed true that this particular zoo is thronged by a record number of tourists every year. Fearsome salt water crocodiles are the real attractions in this zoo. This zoo is a paradise for the photographers both amateurs and professionals. Glasshouse mountains here laden with pineapple farms are great to watch.

Queensland Art Gallery is indeed a great place for art lovers. This gallery holds some of the exquisite paintings and other art works of the Australian painters and sculptors. The Museum of Brisbane situated at the basement of the famous Brisbane City Hall is home to artifacts that speak volumes about the cultural heritage of Australia. Science Center and Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium are the centers of education when it comes to enlightening the students of the different colleges in Brisbane. Southbank Maritime Museum and Anthropology Museum in the city speak about the advancement made by Australia in the fields of science. Around 10000 varieties of vertebrae are stored in the great Zoology Museum in Brisbane. The historical development of Australia can be known by a visit to the Victoria Barracks Museum in the city. In short it can be said that Brisbane is home to lovely museums and zoos much to the delight of the visiting tourists from different parts of the world. You would never forget your visit to the city for sure. Get in touch with the most sought after Brisbane travel website to get more information about the tourist places of Brisbane.