Modernization efforts and beautiful landmarks make Bucharest a city worth visiting

Bucharest is the most rapidly progressing city in Romania. It is both the capital of the county and with scores of industries scattered across its geography it has become a vital commercial hub. The population is around 2.4 million in the proper city. The city has received a lot of grants lately for public projects, and that is clearly visible. Every block in the city has an outstanding project in progress with some of them completed already. The Basarab Bridge completed recently is the widest cable stayed bridge in all of Europe now.

Bucharest is located in the Southeastern part of Europe and is the largest city in that region.

The region is quite hot, and summer temperatures may easily exceed 30 degrees. Sun strokes and heat strokes are not uncommon during that period. The winters are cold with the average temperature being around 2 degrees centigrade. It can get extremely cold at times, but such cases are rare with temperatures hardly falling below – 12 degrees centigrade. Bucharest experiences four seasons which are marked decently.

Places to see
The architecture of Bucharest is striking, and with the city developing rapidly, you would be mesmerised with the stark differences. A 250 year old Church can be found perched beside a steel and glass building with a medieval style restaurant in proximity. So there is no death of places to see in this city. The following are worth a visit:

• Kretzulescu Church
• Natural History museum
• Plumbuita Monastery
• Village Museum
• Arc of Triumph
• Parliament Place
• Revolution Square
• Old Centre

Getting into the city would be through Henri Coanda Airport. The airport is current on a modernization phase and is set to be enlarged. You can find a number of low-cost flights to the city from leading destinations in Europe like Italy, Spain, Germany, and France. Though finding a direct flight to the city, would be very difficult. Going around the city is possible by the following means:

Bus- There are a number of bus terminals around the city, and they charge a decent price.

Train- Three small stations are present which are used for regional and local travels. Apart from that, Bucharest is well connected through railways to all major cities.

Taxi- It is an easy way to travel but costs a lot from the airport. Many taxi drivers refuse to use the meter to get high prices, and still many have tampered meters. So, one must be careful before hiring a taxi.

The Bucharest city is trying to revamp itself and offers a lot of help to tourists, like free walking guided tours. There are a lot of tourist sites scattered over the city like museums, churches, etc. But you have always got to be on your toes, to keep yourself safe and enjoy your stay. The trips to the city should be short, and travellers should always take help from reliable sources. The men around the city keep staring at women, which is not something one can help. Use your common sense at all times and you should be OK.