Midnight Stargazing

There are several locations worldwide which are favoured with stargazers, for admiring the night sky. The preferred choices are places with little or no light pollution, with clean atmospheres overhead. Spending a night under the stars is definitely better than staying in any hotel. Observers may have to travel long distances to be able to appreciate the full scale of the dark sky.

High Points

High places like mountain tops and hillsides are recommended for gaining the best views, and as most national parks possess them, they are great locations for viewing the stars. For the avid stargazers, the preferred journey is to drive as close to high points as possible, and hike the rest taking with your camping equipment so you have sleeping arrangements, giving you more time to relax and settle down, and wake up to a fantastic sunrise, rather than focusing on carrying your heavy equipment up steep inclines.


The worlds biggest observatory is located on the island of Hawaii. Spanning 2,500 miles of darkness, it has proven to be one of the greatest places for stargazing. Many people appear to camp out around the structure sharing the view of the dark skies, peering into space with their own equipment.

Many people like to camp out, though most tend to stay around caravan park and public locations, to enjoy the real night skies and the serene life to camping its much recommended you stay somewhere more remote, though safe. Making sure you are fully equipment is a must, ensuring you have clothing fit for cold weather as temperatures in the night can drop rapidly.