Malia Clubbing Holidays 2013: Getting Things Going

When you’re living off smart price noodles for the third week in a row and you can’t remember the last time you tucked into a roast dinner, congrats, you’re a student, and your Malia 2013 clubbing holidays are going to take some serious planning.

Come on, do you really reckon that leaving things until last minute and booking your break with your mates willy nilly is the way to go? Absolutely not. Plan in advance and make sure that this Malia shizzle is for sure.

Clubbing holidays don’t come cheap, but they can come discounted. The key is in spending savvy and knowing when and where to book. Firstly, book with a company that specialises in clubbing holidays, preferably a well-known one that offers plenty of perks once you touch down in Malia.

In addition to the expert party rocking reps on hand, booking with a clubbing holidays specialist will guarantee you’re going to get the best deals on club entry, drinks and any party passes.

Get the group together. Don’t book breaks on your own. Who does that? Tot up the numbers and find accommodation to fit your group. You will find that apartments and villas often come up cheapest, but have a browse through some hotels to make sure.

Once you’ve made your selection, book online and forget the lovely travel agent. She’s nice on the eye, but nasty on the wallet – web exclusive discounts are what you’re after, sunshine.

From there on in, Malia awaits. Don’t be overwhelmed by your balance, and pay it off asap, leaving you plenty of time to save up some spends too before you go. Do it right, book early, and you might not even need to cram in any unnecessary overtime during spring.

Winning more than Charlie.