Living The Dream, Dubai

Dubai , also know as the United Arab Emirates, has become a leading iconic country, creating a haven for travellers seeking modern architecture and some of the worlds greatest sporting events. Dubai has become a world frontline country in many areas, like shopping, hotels to sporting stadiums, the spectacular sights of Dubai, truly come to life at night. The lights of Dubai create excellent sight seeing destinations, like from the top of the Burj Khalifa, which stands as the worlds tallest skyscraper. You can purchase tickets to enter to the top of the tower, experiencing a beautiful panoramic view of everything Dubai has to give. Dubai offers a range of sight seeing tours, these can be preferred by boats or even planes and helicopters, which is one of the best ways to endure the scenery of the United Arab Emirates. Every year, sports fans flock to witness the Dubai world cup, a famous Horse racing event which is definitely a show to try attend if your planning a trip to Dubai. The Amara spa will surely go along way to relaxing you on your visit to Dubai, renowned for the luxurious setting and the delightful staff, your well looked after and receive the best treatments you can find. The Spa has a wide range of facilities available for your needs and also provides a well prepared, healthy dining experience. Away from the city life, you can encounter the desert, which offers special events from 4×4 driving on the dunes or even excursions which can lead you through the high of the sands and allow you to dine under the stars, which has to be one of the most romantic settings you will ever come across on your travels. If you would prefer something other than spending long days under the heat of the Sun, you can experience skiing, in the worlds third largest indoor ski slope, which offers a distinctive alternate day out. Although there are a lot of events and destinations to be presented with, a lot of them do come at a high price, and its worthwhile setting a high budget when visiting, as to enjoy the holiday you dream of, your sure to total up a high bill, but as the saying goes, you really do get what you pay for.