Live The Nightlife, Ibiza

Young and thinking of time away from home with friends? There’s no greater place to go with friends if you live for the night. The night life in Ibiza is considered the greatest in the World, with hundreds of thousands of fun seekers descending on the Ibiza night life. Not only a key destination for night life, but also the island boasts golden beaches with tropical summery days. If you’re the kind of person who likes to set out on your travels for sight-seeing, then Ibiza is not considered the greatest place you want to be heading, though does offer a variety of monuments and countryside, if you’re a partygoer, you will love what Ibiza has to give. World famous clubs like Pacha and Space offer partygoers a once in a lifetime experience. The clubs hold thousands of people, and as clubs begin to open through the day, there also open all year round, allowing tourists to party no limits. Famous for its musical chill out albums it inspires, Café Del Mar offers one of the most amazing sights you could see for the early birds, the sunrise is simply breathtaking, whilst the Café’s play their music it is definitely worth waking early for. The temperature of the water which surrounds Ibiza, reaches temperatures of up to 26º , making it perfect for water sports. Water sports include Banana boating, Sailing, renting pedaloes and there are beaches offering water skiing and jet skiing.