List of Places to visit in Shanghai

Shanghai, one of the leading tourist destinations in the world has got lot of places to offer its visitors. Let’s see them in detail.
Shanghai Circus world: it is a modern indoor circus that plays different performances. Most of the performances of this circus are related to Shanghai’s history. Motorbike jumping and acrobatic acts are some of the specialties of this circus. The tickets to view this circus cost about 180 RMB and ranges till 580 RMB. You can visit this place via metro line 1. It is situated about 5.7 km away from center of the city.
Riverside Promenade: even though this riverside walk is busy all the day, it’s a must watch place when you are in Shanghai. It gives good feel of the city. It is situated about 2.3km from center city.
The Bund: it depicts the symbol of shanghai. It is a real symbol for modern history of Shanghai. From the top of pearl TV tower you can view this symbol. It looks beautiful especially at night times. The colorful lights at night illuminate the entire lake and turn into a wonderland. It is situated about 1.8km away from center of the city.
World financial center: it is considered to be one of the tallest buildings in china. You can find different observatory decks at 100th, 97th and 94th floor. It has got transparent glass throughout its walkways for safety reasons. The 100th floor of this building is considered as the world’s highest observatory. It is located about 2.9km away from center city.
Happy valley shanghai: it is basically a theme park consists of several themes like sunshine beach, typhoon bay, happy times and gold mine town. It also offers variety of rides for kids and adults. It is located towards end of the city (about 28.6kms)
Shanghai museum: This museum was opened in 1996 and features different international standard exhibits and 11 state-of-art galleries. You can also find several paintings that depict the history of Shanghai. It is just stones throw away from center city.
Oriental pearl tower: it is the most recognized landmark of Shanghai. It is situated in the Pudong district of Shanghai with a height of 457 meters or 1500 feet.
Urban planning exhibition hall of Shanghai: it is just few hundred meters away from Shanghai museum and very near to municipal government building.
Garden of contentment: this garden is spread across five acres of land which is divided into six different sections with each section separated by walls. The six sections include lotus pool, ten-thousand flower pavilions, inner garden, grand Rockery, hall of Jade magnificence and hall of heralding spring. It is situated about 1.9km away from centre city.
Zhujiajiao ancient town: it is one of the ancient towns of china. It is also called with the name pearl stream. It is best known for stones and marbles, various types of wood which is built and bridges. It is a great place to watch out for entire day. Who knows it might be point of your interest.