Interesting things to do in Dublin

Experiencing Dublin

Reputation of Dublin has been great for quite a few years, especially of neighborhoods like Temple Bar. Streets having cobblestones, bars, art galleries and different architectural pieces which are well blended with the ancient streetscapes and schemes that are eco-friendly in nature. The Irish film Institute and the Photography Gallery are some of the famous places of visit.

Visiting Kehoe’s

It is suggested to step into a place like Kehoe’s because it’s the place that serves well on a busy night. The tavern style of crowding around the stairs is a common sight inside the bar. Drinking becomes a rich experience as the snug is too beautiful here.

Brushing Royalty

A collection of administrative buildings of the eighteenth century, albeit fine ones is seen here that is built on two courtyards. The grand diplomatic functions are held in the Dublin castle. Other events at the castle may also include occasional performances of recitals.

Visiting Porterhouse

The oldest pub of microbrewery, popularly known as Porterhouse, is said to have the best quality of beer. The Oyster Stout, available here, is one of the famous stouts made with real oysters. The Irish stew is considered to be the excellent food amongst all that are found in the pub.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

Celebrating the St Patrick’s Day is must, especially to have a look at the best street performers and experience four days of gala entertainment. Dublin’s writers’ festival is the occasion that provides lot of opportunities for reading, discussions and also engaging oneself into public debates.

The educational visit

A visit to Dublin would remain incomplete if someone misses the chance to visit an intellectual hub like Trinity College. The campus shows a blend of classical and modern buildings with elegant gardens interspersed in it. The best time to visit this place is in the Sunday mornings, before the morning mass of students are out in the city.

Entertainment and relaxation

Spending fun times on Fridays in the Peploe’s, the famous restaurant, is the most enjoyable part during a person’s stay in Dublin. Lunches at Peploe’s are full of exclusive dishes like French onion Soup, the smoked salmon, the Caesar Salad and to mention a few best quality wines.

Stimulating Science knowledge

The science gallery is really fascinating for all those who are extremely interested in science and its real life applications. The gallery displays some finest robotic arts and some exclusive pieces of techno-thread clothing. There are debates and discussions about the various bio-fuels that are going to be used in the future.

The sports time

The Irish Sporting calendar has an essential highlight of the Six Nations Rugby Tournament that is a must watch for everyone at Dublin and the whole of Ireland. The excitement is generally seen in the Croke Park where the home games are usually played. It’s a big party for the Irish people on each of the match days and the tradition of quarrelling over goals is very much in vogue.

The taste of Sea

Aqua gives one of the finest collections of the dishes prepared with various kinds of sea fishes. Dover sole, pan-fried halibut, baked sea bass and organic salmons that are slowly cooked, are among the distinct dishes of Aqua.