Holiday Safety Tips

A holiday is meant to be a chance for you to get away from the strains of everyday life and enjoy and relaxing break away. While this means a lot of time spent with your feet up, or doing whatever else you find most relaxing, it’s important not to forget about planning and precautions, which will help to ensure that you stay safe on your travels and avoid any dreaded holiday compensation claims.


Prior to going away, you’ll need to get holiday insurance, just in case something does go wrong. The likelihood is that you won’t use it, however, if you do need to make a claim, then it could save you hundreds on hospital bills.

Arrive Safely

To stay safe on holiday, it’s vital that you arrive in your chosen destination on top form. Even in large cities in Europe, like London or Paris, tourists are a constant target for pickpockets and thieves, so you need to make sure that you have your wits about you when you arrive. If your journey has involved a long haul flight then this could leave you at risk of suffering from jet lag, which could make you drowsy and affect you ability to look after yourself and your belongings.

To ensure that you arrive on holiday free from the effects of jet lag, it’s a good idea to adjust your sleep patterns before you jet off. If you’re going to the east, then going to bed a few hours earlier every night in the build up to your departure will help you to acclimatise to the time change that you’ll experience on arrival. Do the opposite if you’re going west.

Try to get an idea of the weather forecast of your chosen destination and take the appropriate clothing and sun protection. If you’re staying near a beach or hotel, make sure that you keep an eye on any children you’re travelling with at all times, and don’t drink and swim yourself. Similarly, if you’re travelling to an area with high altitude, it’s a good idea to avoid alcohol for the first few days, until you acclimatise.

Do your Homework

Before leaving for your holiday, it’s important to do your research on the places that you intend to visit. As well as giving you an idea of any areas of interest, you’ll also be able to ascertain which places you shouldn’t go to.

When you arrive on holiday, make sure that you know whether the running water is ok to drink, a lot of places, even locations in France and Spain. Being equipped with this information could save you from picking up a nasty illness; on the other hand, it could save you from having to buy bottled water while you’re away, which can get expensive.


Staying safe on your holidays doesn’t take too much effort to achieve, and the simple steps you take will really help to put your mind at ease, making your holiday as relaxing as possible.