Here are some of the highlights of Lycian Way

The historical name of Tekke Peninsula is Lycia which is a Mediterranean tropical on the south coast of turkey. Lycian Way is the longest footpath that connects Fethiye and Antalya. It spreads across 509 km and implemented by Terry Richardson and Kate Clow. It is like a coastal walk all through the winter months. It is also considered as one of the ten most beautiful coastal lines in the world. Lycian way is graded from hard to medium. If you are thinking that you can experience a level walking then you are totally wrong. You will get to see many descents and ascents all through the way. It is easy to walk near the beginning of Fethiye and as journey progresses you will start facing the real trouble. You are always recommended to walk this route during autumn or spring from September to November or from February to May. Even though you can walk during summer, it is very hot in Lycia. The entire route is divided over mule trails and footpaths.
On first part of your journey you can reside in small hotels near Kas, Olympos, Tekirova, Patara, Adrasan, Kalkan and Cirali. If possible you can also stay in camp outs and villages. For camp out you need not to ask permission from any official.
Here are some of the highlights of Lycian Way
Walking in Lycian way gives you spectacular experience of walking on slopes and beneath flight paths
Can get stunning views of butterfly valley and lot of other cliffs.
At Patara you can get to see 12km long beach.
Offers spectacular view of coastlines above Kalkan and Kas
The sunken, harbor and castle ruins at Ucagiz
Can visit Angel Gabriel church near hills above Myra
Can experience ridge top walk till you reach Finike
Can stay at lighthouse of Cape Gelidonia
Climbing Mount Olympos which is of 2388m height
Canyon splashing near Goynuk
Experience blue Mediterranean, white rocks, deep forests, deserted corners, friendliness of villagers and old houses. All these things form the highlight of Lycian way.
The specialty of this coastal path is that you can join the coastal line near many archeological sites like the one you get to see at Phaselis and Olympus. During the course of walking you will come across many hurdles. First the coastal line takes you to the little visited roman site known as Phaselis followed by windy south beaches that ends at Chimaera. The last few days of trip would be on the empty coasts of Peninsula.
Lycian way is the real innovation of Kate Clow, an Englishwoman who is basically a conservationist and passionate walker. During mid-nineties she got an idea of this footpath and successfully implanted after five years. When asked about this coastal line she told that the very main purpose of building Lycian way is to give turkey people an imminent into the ancient Lycia. The beautiful islands and gorgeous coastal line is really a treat to watch out for.