Have You unlocked the 4 Well Kept Secrets of Mexico?

Traveling to Mexico in the Internet age might make one think that there aren’t any secrets waiting to be unlocked. But once you get off the plane and get a chance to look around, you’ll find that Mexico is truly a country of many layers, even if you’re just looking for a little sun and surf. We went back to our trusty vault of travel experiences to find four awesome beaches that are truly the best kept secrets of Mexico.

1. Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos

If you’re familiar with Cancun but want something different yet still fairly close by, you have to check out Puerto Morelos. It used to be a sleepy little village more known for fishing than anything else, but now it’s turned into a hip yet understated spot for tourists to settle in for a short or even an extended stay. Ever feel lost in the crowd? You won’t while you’re going on holiday in Puerto Morelos. There’s an air of individuality here that lets you relax without feeling like you’re under a microscope.

2. La Paz

La Paz

Los Cabos isn’t the only place to have a good time. If you find yourself shopping at Whole Foods or Thrive Market more than going to one of those generic superstores, you’ve got to check out La Paz. This is an area known for sustainability rather than growth at all costs. The people that call it home work very hard to keep it that way, while still maintaining an open and friendly attitude towards visitors. Sea Side Mexico has a great collection of safe vacation properties to choose from, and they make sure that everything is handled for you from start to finish. Let’s see one of those classified sites do the same thing, right?

3. Troncones

Troncones mexico

Want to change things up from going to Acapulco every year? Then you have to go over to Troncones, a hip beach town that has a laid back bohemian feel to it. You’ll still be able to pop over to Acapulco if you wish, but this town has a secret within a secret: great vacation homes. It’s getting to be a trend to travel less but make it more meaningful. If you have a home base while on vacation, that means that you can really enjoy the best the area has to offer. Get a ride around the countryside, go horseback riding or even diving…if you’re feeling brave, that is. 🙂

4. Sayulita

sayulita mexico

Here’s another understated pick for you: Sayulita, very close to Puerto Vallarta. If you’re really looking to have the type of experience that really lets you connect with your travel party, this is the place. You can relax, talk to each other and not find yourself pulled back into the world of smartphones. This place might not have Pokémon Go, but it does have a lush landscape and beachfront that is simply paradise on earth.

Overall, we think these four treasures are definitely worth the trip. Besides, if you start craving the bigger tourist productions, you can always get transportation to take you there. If you build a short term home base, this makes traveling within Mexico even easier. Don’t let the “rumors” fool you — plenty of people are making trips to Mexico, and it’s high time that you add yourself to the list. Have fun!