Explore The Attractions in Helsinki

Helsinki is considerably the most popular and largest city in Finland. Being the capital city of Finland, Helsinki is situated in the southern region of the Gulf of Finland. Helsinki remained passive and sluggish until it was acquired by Czar Alexander I of Russia during 1800s. Upon visiting to Helsinki, you can find plenty of neoclassical architecture and many different buildings that were erected during the 1800s. Those buildings were designed in a way to reflect St. Petersburg. On the other hand, you can also find many unique buildings which explicate the Finnish Architectural work.

Undoubtedly Helsinki is an ultra modern city with bustling population and moreover it scores the 3rd place to enrich Finland’s wealth. Helsinki is a land which holds rich culture and every building constructed here will replicate the state-of-the-art workmanship. Architectural lovers will be ultimately satisfied and they could even spend one whole day to enjoy the good work of those ancient talents. If you are planning your trip to Helsinki, you will find plenty of places to visit and pass your time recreationally and entertainingly. Here is a long list of attractions in Helsinki which you can visit along with your family and people. Whatsoever may be your choice, just try to schedule your trip some long time before as everything could be neatly arranged to give you maximum comfort.

Yrjonkadun Swimming Hall is situated in the central part of Helsinki and it gave its venturous debut in the year 1928 in the month of June 4. Since long time, it was considered as a public indoor pool in Finland and later in the year 1967, it was obtained by the City of Helsinki. This building is significantly important as it scores incredible value for architecture and history. Though the hall retained its actual appearance for a decade, the renovation work commenced during the year 1997 and came to a completion in the year 1999. Men and women visiting this swimming hall can swim without or with the swim suit, however most of them are found to swim naked. There is a separate timing for both men and women where you can enjoy swimming in the pure water.

Fortress of Suomenlinna is the world’s significant site known for its cultural heritage in Finland. This important cultural heritage has been added included to United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization shortly called as UNESCO. It deserves as an exclusive monument of military architecture. Getting to this place is quite simple, where you hire a ferry boat designed with wooden seats. When planning your trip during Saturday, you can spend some time in the market while waiting for the boat to start. You can find fresh cooked food and many road stalls selling cooked and raw fishes, Finnish food recipes, fruits, vegetables and many more.
Seurasaari Open-Air Museum is most likely an island covering a few kilometers outside Helsinki. Upon getting the bus number 24, you can easily reach the museum. The route towards the museum will be extremely good to watch, where you can enjoy the scenic view of the land. Visiting the museum during the Easter or Christmas or Midsummer will let you to watch and enjoy many special events and also you can find some exclusive handcraft presentations.
Esplanade Park is located at the central part of Helsinki and it serves as the major area for the travelers to recreate and relax their time with the city inhabitants. The Espa Stage will host quite several interesting events such as the Fashion Show in the middle of summer pole, folk dance during June and Jazz Espa symphony during the weekdays all through the month of July.
Helsinki Cathedral is one of the important tourist attraction located in Helsinki. Above 350,000 people visit this cathedral every year, where a few of them come here for religious event while others are tourists. The church even gives place to host special events like wedding and also gives the place to make worship services. The cathedral went through different renovation process during 1980s by popular architects namely Juha Leiviska and Vilhelm Helander.
Helsinki Zoo is another popular attraction you need to visit. This is one of the significant and oldest zoos across the world. Upon visiting this zoo, you will get a chance to see animals from arctic tundra and tropical rainforest. This zoo serves as an abode of 200 animal species and more than 1000 plant species. As we all know, zoos are the last asylum for several hundreds of endangered species. When visiting this zoo, you will be taken to the shared protection program by the Rhino Sign.
Töölönlahti Bay is an excellent site you should visit while traveling to Helsinki. Even the Helsinki inhabitants would love to spend their time visiting this Bay. One can sit back and relaxingly enjoy a noon time watching the colorful plants in the winter garden and spend some time at the sports museum, Olympic stadium, national opera, wood villas and many more.
Linnanmäki Amusement Park is a wonderful family amusement theme part which was founded ever since 1950. This amusement park has plenty of rides right from funny rides to those scary going rides. The wooden made rollercoaster is the best and popular ride which is exhibited in the park since 50 years time. Game freaks can enter the arcade halls where you’ll be given an opportunity to play different interesting indoor and outdoor games.
The Olympic Stadium is a promising attraction you need to visit while traveling to Helsinki. It was constructed during 1938 by popular architects Toivo Jäntti and Yrjö Lindegren. The Olympic stadium hordes international and national concerts and sports events. During the year 1952, the Olympic Games took place in this stadium at Helsinki.

Besides this, there are plenty of attractions you can pay a visit to! With proper planning, you can cover every area and enjoy watching the fascinating attractions with your family and friends.