Costa Vicentina coastal walk in Portugal

Costa Vicentina is the largest natural park of Europe situated in the south-western coastline of Portugal. If you are looking forward to explore the real beauty of wild coastal landscape then visit Costa Vicentina once. Its virgin beaches supported by dramatic cliffs and dunes are real treat to watch. The sunshine and sunsets over Atlantic are superb. Green cliff-tops, golden sands, honey-colored cliffs, turquoise sea and red fishing boats are some of the specialties of Costa Vicentina.
For refreshingly unhurried pace of life Costa Vicentina is the best example. Its largely deserted beaches attract turtles and egrets. The sleepy villages remind you of unchanged life for decades. To stay at Costa Vicentina you can find lot of luxurious hotels that offer all types of amenities. During late spring you can enjoy the walking holiday along this coastal line.
How to tour the entire Costa Vicentina?
On arrival you can relax the day in beautiful Praia de Odeceixe restaurant. Let’s begin the tour.
Day one: before heading to Atlantic Ocean just surf the sea once. Have fresh seafood at Azenha village followed by refreshing juice and straight away get in to trip. The 18.5km long Costa Vicentina takes about 5.5 hrs to travel.
Day two: start the second day by coming back to your original place. Water filled Praia da Amalia could be your new route. Start traveling towards north side from farmland to woodland. It is a perfect place to discover dramatic headlands and glorious sandy bags. You can also have late lunch at this place near Zambujeira resort.
Day three: the coastline you are planning for third day is full of sandy cliffs and wet bay. You can start your trip at Cabo Sardao. To get better views of coastal line you can try streaking into its inlands. The total distance you cover here is 21km that spans over 6.5hrs.
Day four: by crossing rich agricultural estates and pastureland you enter the coastal track of day four. Here you will get a chance to see golden sand along the well set sea. The final section of this trip comes to an end near Vila Nova town. Day four trip costs about 18km that spans over 5.5 hrs.
Day five: you can end your journey along Costa Vicentina with a cliff tops and glorious walk. The 3km long Malhao beach is really beautiful to walk. After completing the coastal line you can start with sandy track and can reach till Tres Marias.
Day Six: for last day of trip change your route along the sea. Opt only for tracks and hills and even for valleys. As last trip you can visit Peachtree Island and can enjoy eating near the village restaurant. The last trip costs about 10.5km that spans over 3.5 hrs.
In a six day long trip all your luggage is self guided and transported from hotel to hotel without miss. The glorious sunset, wonderful seafood, charming accommodation and unspoiled coastal scenery is impossible to forget. Now you are a true explorer of the nature.