City Of Culture, Bangkok

Thailand, with a history of intriguing culture, the country has become one of the tourism super powers of the world, with millions of people wishing to explore a completely alternate lifestyle. The city of Bangkok has some of the most congested roads in the world, making travel dangerous, and in some places, nearly impossible for tourists. To stay ahead of the gridlock traffic, Bangkok has modern means of transport in place, such as the Skytrain and the underground railway. To ensure faster transportation times, many natives provide river transportation, and as a thriving business opportunity, taxis are never hard to find, they are located on every street, flourishing from the countless tourists. When you arrive in Bangkok, its surely worthwhile taking a ride in a Tuk-tuk, as a traditional form of transport, the Tuk-tuk proves an easy way of navigating the colossal city. As the cities population grows, Thailand continues to become an economic super power, finding new ways to manufacture home-grown products, exports are taking dramatic increases to foreign companies. A surprising scene to find within the bustling city, are tranquil monasteries for monks practising the Buddhist faith, who live in complete peace and harmony. Bangkok consists of many engaging marketplaces with numerous food stalls selling traditional Thai food which captures the hearts of many tourists who love to experience the famous cuisine on home land. As night comes, the night-life of Bangkok explodes, with countless bars providing shows and concerts all night. When touring Bangkok its vital you take advantage of the cultural health and relaxation Spas which are among the best in the world. Treatments like the Thai massage or essential to feeling relaxed and revitalised. One of the greatest Spas available, is the Peninsula, situated in Bangkok the expertly organised staff are always happy to greet their clients and give them the best possible treatment, also providing accommodation and healthy cuisine, you don’t have to flurry to try acquire the full experience in a day.

Places To Visit

China Town – Gleaming with bright lights, the streets of China town are a must when visiting Bangkok. The Chinese settlers have yet to show you another side to Thailand, offering exquisite food cooked for you by one of the many authentic Chinese restaurants or stalls. Not only do tourists get to sample the excellence of food, but they also have the opportunity to shop through Chinese clothing and jewellery stores, giving you the real atmosphere you would find in China itself. Chinatown allows you to experience the lifestyle of 2 great nations giving you a variety of options when it comes to dining or shopping. To add to the atmosphere there are a range of Chinese temples giving you the chance to also live the architecture and culture of the Chinese people. There is no time like the Chinese new year for the streets to come more alive, they are bursting with vibrant costumes and celebrations from the Chinese habitants, who are more than welcoming for you to take part, so when planning your trip its surely worth considering.

The Floating Market – As unusual as it sounds the floating market offers tourists a unique experience to buy local produce and cooked dishes ready for you to eat. To tour the market you can take guided rowing boat trips around the stalls making purchases and viewing the products while being talked through what they are and where they came from, giving you the knowledge to what you will be eating.

Wat Arun ( The Temple Of Dawn) – Standing as one of the most sacred temples in Thailand, it is thought that King Taksin came here just as dawn broke, after fighting off a Burmese army, in the siege of Ayutthaya. The Wat Arun attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year, making this temple one of Thailand’s best sight seeing extravaganzas.

The Grand Palace – Constructed in 1782, for 150 years it was home to the king of Thailand, and now stands to attract the greatest number of visitors. It is highly renowned as Thailand’s most famous structure. Today many people still go there to pay their respects to the Thai leaders and ministers. With it’s amazing attention to detail the architecture of the palace is surely among the best, even in today’s modern world, capturing the hearts and minds of tourists from many countries.