Cairo – A Wonderful Place To Visit

The word Cairo means “Victorious” in Arabic and the Arabs most commonly use this term to define the celestial body Mars. Being the capital city of Egypt, Cairo has huge population count and it is one of the largest cities in Africa. The city covers an area of 453 square km and has 6,750,000 inhabitants. Cairo has its pet name called “The City of Thousand Minarets”, as the city is most likely projected in Islamic Architecture. The City of the deceased soul situated at the end of Moquattam Cliff is considered as the biggest necropolis in the world. The burial ground covers a vast land and it serves as the sedate place for the Egyptian, Emirs and Sultans to rest at last.

Cairo has scored international tourist recognition, as it serves as a wonderful destination with a lot of hotels to dine, places to visit, attractions to watch and plenty other activities to do. Most importantly, this city is popularly used as a doorway to visit the world wonders Pyramids in Giza. Cairo is a transshipment centre for overseas business from India and Africa to Europe. This city was primitively recognized as a centre of sublimated sugar production, textile production, goods manufactured from flax, cane and cotton. While visiting Cairo, you can still notice some tombs which still exist dating from 15th century.

If you have travel plans to visit Cairo, you can find some fantastic holiday packages at unbelievable discount rates. You can get flexible discounts on hotel rooms, airfares, car rentals and dining and save maximum value of money while traveling to Cairo. Generally, the economical travel packages will include take tourists to visit the major landmarks such as Step Pyramids of Zoser, Hanging Church at Coptic Cairo, Garden City, the Khan-al-Khalili market, Egyptian Museum and many more. If you are an ardent shopping freak, then you should definitely pay a visit to Khan Misr Touloun, Mohammed Ali Street and Wekalet al-Balah markets as you can find some wonderful deals and shop your favorite items at bargain rates.

Visiting this city will allow you to enjoy the rich architectural accretion which you could find them while visiting the mosques including Ibn Tulun Mosque, El-Hakim Mosque, El-Aqmar Mosque, El-Rifai Mosques and many more. Besides this, Cairo is a perfect destination to visit where the culture buffs will get a chance to visit plenty of fascinating places including State Theatre, National Culture Centre and Cultural Palace which hordes ballet, folk presentations and opera.

Cairo is also an excellent destination to dine and drink. Travelers visiting this place can find exclusive eateries at inexpensive rates. You can find plenty of street stalls, snack stalls, restaurants and hotels in and around the city. People who have planned for budget travel can plan their dining in the downtown areas, as you can find plenty of budget hotels serving delicious foods. On the other hand, if you aren’t worried about money then you can grand restaurants by taking a visit to the places including Mohandeseen and Zamalek.