Best place to visit in Barbados

The Caribbean Island of Barbados covers an area of about 166 sq. miles. Although it occupies a very small size but it is full of attractions for the tourists. Barbados is rich with many interesting places that need to explore and if you want to know the best place to visit in Barbados then you must go to villages and towns which are spread through the beautiful Island. Here is the list of some best places that you should visit to find the glory of beautiful Barbados. Have a look!
Bridgetown is the capital city of Barbados Island and it is located in the main commercial area. In this attractive area, you can see the duty free shops including the jewellery, liquor and chine. Moreover, if you move further the wayside vendors where you will find everything to buy. The buildings of the Parliament are also located in this area of the Barbados. The Barbados Parliament was held in 1639 which is known as the 3rd oldest Parliament in Commonwealth, so please do not miss this Parliament in your Bridgetown visit.
The very first commercial centre established in Barbados is Speightown which is situated in north of the Barbados. For so many years, this centre was ignored but then it is redesigned and now it has got its former glory. This is the best place that you should visit in your Barbados tour as it offers its tourists a different look of the Barbados’s architectural heritage.
It is wonderful place for enjoying one complete day. Go to visit shops, explore its art gallery and enjoy delicious lunch at beautiful beachfront restaurant.
To make your vacations memorable in Barbados, try to explore more and more attractive places. If you missed Holetown then you are very unlucky because this attractive town is quite famous due to its excellent places, hotels and night spots etc. It is located in west coat of the Barbados Island and it is a place that meets the historical development with the modern development. A lot of modern changes have been made in Holetown and now it has a huge collection of beautiful restaurants, hotels, night spots, residential places and shopping spots.
Oistins is located in south coast of the Barbados Island. Oistins Fish Fry is the 2nd most famous attraction for the tourists all over the world. The town has a great history and it is a place where the Agreement Articles were made up in order to create the Parliament of the Barbados. There are many things to do and many attractive places to see so make one day visit in this area to capture the stunning Oistins places.
St.Lawrence Gap:
If you are an active person and you love to dance in night clubs then St.Lawrence gap is perfect place for you. The Gap is not a place for tourists who love to know the history of cities as it is not a place to find the historical interest but you will find here various bars and night clubs. Moreover, there are numerous excellent restaurants where you can enjoy the tasty meal.