Bali’s Less-visited Possibilities

Bali is a spectacular country to visit, and whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or a vibrant and energetic break away, you’ll find everything you need here. Millions of tourists come to Bali every year, and no matter how long they stay for, there’s always room to tour the country a little longer, or have one last day on the golden beaches.

Although most young tourists visit the island for the typical sun, sea and partying atmosphere, there are a number of other things to do that will allow you to open your mind to the Bali culture and way of life. From the food and spirituality to the spas and crafts markets, there’s a lot to see in Bali, so let’s take a look at some alternative attractions to experience if you’re thinking of visiting Bali this year.

Bukit Peninsula

With so much beauty in Bali, it’s hard to know where to begin your exploration adventure, however the Bukit Peninsula is always a great start. Surfing is a popular activity here, and these shores benefit from amazing surf and warm waters. There are also some spectacular reefs on show to, and there are a number of scuba diving companies that will take you to them for a small fee. Not only are the beaches overlooked by traditional bars and restaurants, but you can also find places to stay on the shorefront, which will make your holiday in Bali even more special.

Pura Luhur Ulu Watu is also located on the Bukit Peninsula, and you’ll be able to experience the spiritual side of Bali when visiting here. High up on top of a cliff overlooking the wonderful South East landscape, this temple offers visitors enlightenment and serenity, and if you’re lucky then the monks will also let you join in with their daily chores. Be sure to leave your camera at home, as photographs are not allowed.

Central Bali 

Although Bali is a calm and peaceful country, the inner city tourist hubs are a free-for-all, and you really need to have your wits about you! With market stalls and cafes everywhere, and children tugging on your trousers for spare change, you could easily get lost in the mix of the crowds. Indeed central Bali can get very busy, but there are lots of things to see and do which should give you focus throughout the day.

For example, there are countless places to eat if you’re feeling hungry, and because so many tourists pass through this area of Bali, all tastes are catered for! Whether you’re looking for a traditional pig spit roast, or something western to fill you up for the day, you’re sure to find it amongst the hundreds of market food vendors.

Furthermore, central Bali is great for presents too, and if you’re looking to bring some gifts back for your family then there’s nowhere better to shop. The market sellers like to barter, however don’t be disrespectful with your offers or they won’t sell to you. From fabrics to jewellery, there are some great bargains to be had!