All In One, Rio De Janeiro

When Rio De Janeiro first comes to mind, people tend to think of the “Christ The Redeemer” statue, overlooking the grand towering city. The statue has solely attracted tourists from each corner of the globe. Simply known as Rio, the city prides itself on standing as the 26th largest populated city in the world, and 6th in the Americas. The profuse amounts of buildings throughout Rio, help to separate the ocean from the mountains. Rio has become widely known for its diversity in landscapes, with mountains, beaches, rivers and cultural landmarks. The cultural status has played its part in allowing the city to be officially named as one of the worlds heritage sites.

Tijuca Rain Forest – Tours of the rain forest give you a sight you will never forget. Situated in the core of Rio, the forest allows you the opportunity so experience different species of tropical birds, plants and monkeys. You can enjoy the tour by car, or even walking. For the full appreciation of the scenes, its highly recommended you take your safari by car, as the trip usually lasts around 4 hours, 3 in the car and 1 hour walking up the stunning peaks, giving you the time to see the natural beauty.

Rio Carnival – Dating back to 1723, it is one of the oldest carnivals in the world, and is also known as the largest. The carnival attracts the most colourful and vibrant costumes around, with thousands of people parading in the Sambadrome and many more in different locations around Rio, playing music and dancing, while the spectators gather in their thousands. As Rio’s biggest event, tourists can find great food, friendly people, a party atmosphere and traditional heritage of Brazil.

Favela Tour – To experience a completely different lifestyle to your own, many tourists embark on a tour of the infamous favela. As residents of Rio, the favela is based on poverty, though the buildings are rough, you will have a great view of Rio. The favela has occurred in many films, like Fast and Furious, helping to gain fame and give outsiders an insight to life inside. Although great to walk around in the daytime, it is highly recommended that you do not stay around the streets at night, as to this day a lot of drug and gang activity still haunt the streets.

Night-life – The night-life in Brazil is world famous, open all hours the bars are booming with local and tourists out for a good time. The clubs have attracted some of the worlds top musicians and a high reputation for a great party atmosphere.