A Trip to Morocco Can Help The Stress Melt Away

It’s never too late for a holiday out to Morocco. This enchanting land has captivated travelers for literally thousands of years. It is a country that is filled with old markets, deserts, and a melting pot of peoples that have a deeply shared history. Let’s break down why this land is so utterly fascinating:

If you’re going to check out any Moroccan city, you should check out Tangier. It’s got tons of history, great music, and plenty to see. We also like Marrakesh, where you get to see a little bit of the old history with plenty of modern flair. The open air market featured in Marrakesh is absolutely huge.


UK holidaymakers do not need a visa in order to get into Morocco.

Getting around the country is very easy: taking the train is the best option. You get around quickly, but sometimes the network isn’t as broad and widespread as we would like. That’s when you turn over to the luxury buses. It doesnít cost nearly as much as you might expect, and it caters well to tourists. You can also catch taxis throughout the country, but you have to know the difference between grand taxi and petit taxi. The petit taxi will not be able to leave the city, while the grand taxi can move between cities. Space is a luxury, and if you want more room you have to pay for the empty seat.

You’ll have to do your currency exchanging at a bank at your destination and not before. Morocco has its own rules and it’s very important that you follow them as much as you can.

You’ll definitely want currency on hand when you see the shopping opportunities in the open air markets. You can get everything from fresh dates, which are incredibly sweet, to spices and argan oil. Beautiful carpets can be created by hand right on the spot, if youíre willing to go and sit with the weavers while they work. One thing that throws tourists off is the subject of haggling. The vendors are used to people haggling, and they absolutely want you to try to get the best price. After all, they’re holding part of the cards in play. They know how much they can sell the piece for. Anything higher than that is profit, and they’re highly unlikely to take a loss. Some people won’t haggle, and then that makes up for the deals that have to be made in order to keep the tourist buying.

The dining experience is varied, and you have a lot of delicious options. Lamb and beef are going to be heavy staples, but you have “exotic” choices like pigeon as well. Yes, you read that right: pigeon!

The stew is made in a clay pot called a tagine, and this style of cooking is very famous within the country.

On a budget? You’ll find nuts, sandwiches, salads, and French fries. Be polite and friendly and you may find that people offer you plenty to eat in return.

Did you know that it is not illegal to drink in Morocco? The country does not ban alcohol, and you can find different spirits, teas, and wines in the cities with no problem at all. Beer is a big specialty, with plenty of different ales to choose from.

If you want non alcoholic drinks, you’ll find strong coffee, tea, and bottled water available.

Sleep options are plentiful, and really depend on your budget. If you want to camp, you can do that. If you want a high end experience, you can have that. If you want something more authentic, you can try to room with a local for the duration of your stay. It just depends on your budget and tastes.

There are plenty of opportunities to take a foreign language while you stay within the country. The beautiful thing about the many people of Morocco is that they’re very open to meeting new people, extremely friendly, and they want to make sure that you’re having a good time. Tourism is extremely important in the country. Most Moroccans know Arabic and French. Knowing a bit of French to get around will help you a great deal.

Stay safe in the country by being friendly, but unwilling to tolerate bad behavior. As Morocco depends heavily on tourism, you may find a lot of scam artists and hustlers trying to make as much money as they can off of your presence. Don’t get mad; just be understanding and move on. Solo women are not in immediate danger most of the time, but they do need to be prepared for a lot of attention from men. As long as women dress conservatively out of respect for their current host country, they shouldn’t have a problem. Travel groups should stay together, but if people wish to separate to explore, that’s not a problem either.

We have heard so many positive stories about Morocco that we can’t wait to book our own holiday there. What about you? Are you interested in going to Morocco? Are you worried that you won’t have a good time? Let us know in the comments how you feel!